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  5. "George has a new house."

"George has a new house."

Translation:عِنْد جورْج بَيْت جَديد.

October 22, 2019



3anda jorj bait jadyd


Sounds 3ainda "jor" jbait jadid. The ending of george seems to blend into next word's beginning. Is that correct way of speaking arabic?


When I chose an answer from the word bank there is only عِنْد not عنده and because I choose from the word bank (instead of typing it) Duo says :

You have a typo. جورج عنده بيتًا جديدًا.

And I picked : جورج عِنْد بَيْت جديد because there is no 'عنده' to select from. Also I think It should be 'لدي جورج منزل جديد' not 'عِنْد جورْج بَيْت جَديد' or at least 'لدي جورج بَيْت جديد'

I just need someone's opinion on what it should have been.


I presume normally you do not need "he" and the mans' name in this sentence. And that is what you do if you use عِنْده


Is it wrong to say "George 3ndah bait jadid"?

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