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duolingo for schools question

when i look up a student and then hit to see more info the first one shows me that they have accomlished the actvities I have assigned but the one that is to show progress badges shows nothing has been aquired. im confused. how would there be no progress, yet the activities are being completed.

also is there a way to quiz them or test them to see their progress. we are new to this and i set it to level up, i am not sure if i should be doing it for them to earn coins. please help. tyia

October 22, 2019



I have been using Duolingo for years, and I am having the same problem. Progress has disappeared in the last month. I have emailed the company about it and have not gotten a response. It is super frustrating because I have to check at each students computer so I can see what levels they have gotten to.


Also, submit a bug report so they know it is not just my class!

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