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"نَعَم، أُحِبّ اَلْطَّبيعة في مَدينَتي."

Translation:Yes, I like the nature in my city.

October 22, 2019



"the nature" is awkward. " I like nature in my city -- this should be accepted. I understand in Arabic it says "the nature" but in English we do not say it that way


How is الطبيعة pronounced at the end?


It could be aT-Tabī‘a (end of a sentence), aT-Tabī‘atu (nominative), aT-Tabī‘ata (accusative) or aT-Tabī‘ati (genitive/prepositional) in standard Arabic pronunciation, but in normal speech, only the first one is used.


It's pronounced aT-Tabī‘a, but in the audio, it says aT-Tabi‘ata, in the accusative case, which is how it's pronounced in standard Arabic. However, those case endings are no longer used in normal speech nowadays, so in real life people would simply pronounce it as aT-Tabī‘a, even in accusative.


I am writing correct answer why is it not acceptable

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