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  5. "Sie kennen den Rest."

"Sie kennen den Rest."

Translation:They know the remainder.

June 24, 2014



Was 'rest' taken directly from English (like 'team', 'happy' and things like that) or did we get the word from German?


According to http://www.wissen.de/wortherkunft/rest (in German), the german word "Rest" originates from the french "reste", which itself originates from latin "restare".

Same for English according to http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rest#Etymology_3


Can the German 'Rest' also mean 'rest' as in relaxing in English?


No. The words written with capital letters and without ending "-en" can not be verbs. I believe that german verb "ruhen" would have the meaning of english "to rest".


Rest is a noun in English, too. I finally got some rest today. Seems Erholung, Ruhe, oder Pause would be the translations for that, this one is just for "the rest" as in, what is remaining.


you know the rest - just got approved - thx

[deactivated user]

    Would "wissen" also be appropriate in this context?

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