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  5. "Nos iter facimus."

"Nos iter facimus."

Translation:We are making a journey.

October 23, 2019



Isn't it fa KI mus and not FA ki mus?


No, since all the vowels are short, the stress goes on the antepenultimate 'FA'.


wait a minute, wasn't facimus "we do" instead of "we are doing"???


the man who speaks often slurs the words ;;; here it sounds like 'Nos siter facimus' the woman is much clearer... is this proper ? to slur words . . or is there something wrong with my ears or speakers?


Tbh, i think this is a good thing. A language is also learned by distinguishing words under difficult circumstances. In the beginning it might be difficult, but in reality, people do talk differently. There are no perfectly pronounced words in real life. Some slurm ore, someslur less. And i think they are treating it as a normal spoken language.


Could this be interpreted as "we are going?"


"making a journey" is not very good English usage: "we go" or "are going" is better (in UK English, at least)

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