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Expand the Latin course

I have been enjoying learning Latin but very rapidly got to the end! Are you planning to expand it through stories, translations or at least some more exercises? Thank you!

October 23, 2019



The Latin course will be extended eventually, but that's probably many months away.

But it looks as though you still have quite a long way to go to complete the whole of the existing course? There's a lot more to learn in the other higher levels.


How can I reach the higher levels? Thanks!


It looks like you've just been through each "skill" only once? Maybe twice? Or else skipped whole chunks of it. Because you've ended up with just 22 crowns out of a possible 110.


Going though everything more than once will get you more repetition of the same exercises, which can be a good thing, but will not reveal new materials. Once you've got most of a tree green (2/5 crown levels) I personally feel it is probably time to move on to other things for that language outside of duolingo.


I can't agree. Although there may not be a lot of new material, as well as the repetition the exercises become longer and more complex. Unless you already have a lot of experience in Latin previously, I think it's well worth doing the drills all the way to level 5 and the fully gold tree.


I will try as you said and report. I really advanced in Italian through the translations and stories, which so far I have not seen in Latin...


I blasted through it too (I assume that is what the owl doing the happy dance is). I really liked it.

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