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No more treasure chests/lingots for reaching daily goal?

I've stopped receiving bonus lingots from treasure chests upon reaching my daily goal. Is this a glitch or have they changed the feature?

October 23, 2019



I noticed that too. Only on the web page though, it still does it in the app.


I never got them on the web page, but they would appear on next login to the app. Currently not getting them in-app either, whether the goal was reached either on the web page or in the app itself.


Lingots are a wonderfully devalued reward, on account of there are just too many in cìrculation. I have got thousands, but there is nothing to spend them on! So, a bit pointless, really. Also, among other changes, my streak is being preserved by one lesson's worth of XPs only, instead of requiring my whole daily target completed as previously.

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