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"هَل تَعْرِف كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد يا مُحَمَّد؟"

Translation:Do you know all the numbers, Mohamed?

October 23, 2019



Yours is more colloquial, but "all OF the numbers" is also definitely correct. I intentionally added the "the" because that is how I would normally speak—to test what you will do. I think you are too rigid when it is inappropriate.


Isn't raq'm also number?


Technically there are ten ارقام, from zero to nine, with which you can write any عدد. So properly رقم would be "digit" and عدد would be "number" or "figure". In practice, however, many people use عدد ورقم indistinctly. Also, رقم is very rich in meanings, the most important being "symbol".


My answer is correct Do you know all the members, Mohamed?


I'm afraid it's not. Member is عضو, members is ٱعضاء


My always is correct You tllok it wrong why I answered Do you know all the members , Mohamed ?

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