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  5. "Forum vestrum visitamus."

"Forum vestrum visitamus."

Translation:We visit your market.

October 23, 2019



VestrumVōs • 2nd Person Plural


Vestrum as "Vos" and not the singular you, right?


I suggest the translation "go to see" for visitare, especially when it governs places.


I'm not so sure. I go to a shop or market to do more than just see it. I want to chat to people, buy stuff, trade stolen goods, buy some wacky baccy, organise a hit.... The verb needs to be looser to cover all the possibilities, so perhaps "visit" fits the bill.


OK, but how about when we visit "viam" ? I can imagine that the engineers sometimes had to "go to see" (and check the condition of) the roads, aqueducts, etc. I'm not sure that every sentence has to cover all the possibilities, because that doesn't seem like a genuine use of language...


How do I know it's my market, rather than just, a market?


Maybe it just means, 'we're in your town, so everything in your town is "yours," including the market' ?


I've played this again and again, and to me the audio is sounding like "forum questrum visitamus", so I think my ears are not betraying me.

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