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'Latinizing' softwares?

Salvete, everyone!

I really wanted to expand my vocabulary in Latin, but I only study it through Duolingo. So I had an idea of implementing it as my phone language! (I've done it with English, and the results were, well, pretty good)

However, as I expected, no 'Latin' language pack comes up.

Is there any way to implement this on PC or Android phones...?

October 23, 2019



The closest to a general Latin interface (that I've ever seen) is using Google translate, and maybe you could try Google Voice on your phone--I don't know about that. But DON'T DO IT. So far, Google's Latin translations are so wrong so often that they are worthless, and the voice "recognition" is actually simply Italian voice recognition.

You will just have to try something other than Duo to advance past what Duo offers, or wait until the course is expanded. You'll of course make much quicker progress if you don't wait for a course expansion. There are plenty of options for continuing with Latin besides Duo.


You understand of course that such an interface will be full of neologisms? Like I saw somewhere "currus publicus" for "a bus".


Yep! But since my first language, Portuguese, have very similar words to latin, I don't think it will be such a BIG struggle (perhaps just the beginning might be more challenging)...


Portuguese is a neolatin language - came from the provincial latin


Latin is not a dead language, it's still living, and technology words are translated in Latin.


Of course, it's not the same Latin than Cicero, but neo-neo-Latin, but the grammar should be theoretically similar.


"Currus publicus" is very old, it's not a recent expression.


You will need to write all the translations of all the interface messages yourself, since no one is doing it for you. Then you will need to get them into your phone somehow, but you can worry about this part once you are done with the translations.


It already exist, I mean, the list of technology and internet-related words in Latin, see my link.

That's such a great idea, that some dev should offer a software all in Latin.
I think it already exist, as the translated list does exist.


A list of words is a list of words. One needs to compose coherent sentences out of them.

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