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  5. "The warrior died alone."

"The warrior died alone."

Translation:nIteb Hegh SuvwI'.

October 23, 2019



I don't think The warrior dies alone is the best translation for nIteb Hegh SuvwI' as people are likely to interpret that English as Hegh SuvwI', mobtaHvIS.

When I hear nIteb Hegh SuvwI' I think of a warrior collapsing of a stroke, or even committing suicide. Independently, without assistance, without interference from others. It's funny how so many English phrases like "all by myself" "on my own" 'alone" can mean either mobtaHvIS without others nearby or nIteb acting alone.


I see two interpretations of the English The warrior dies alone. (1) The warrior dies without anyone else present. (2) The warrior dies without anyone else dying too. nIteb seems to mean (2), so one of the possible English interpretations is valid for nIteb Hegh SuvwI'. It's just that (1) isn't a good interpretation, but you can't rule out (2) because (1) doesn't work.


I agree that your (2) is a good interpretation of nIteb Hegh SuvwI' but I still think it's not the most likely interpretation of the English. A better English translation for the meaning of (2) would be The warrior alone dies.

I don't think the sentence needs to be deleted, just wanted the few students who click through to the discussions to realize that nIteb is about independence and solo action, not how many people are around.


I was confused about that very distinction until I saw this. Thank you!

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