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"قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس فَرَنْسِيّة."

Translation:The engineer's cat is French.

October 23, 2019



How would you say 'the French engineers cat' ?

October 23, 2019


قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس الفَرَنْسِيّ

The word French would become a attributive adjective (i.e. a part of the noun phrase "the French engineer"). It would have to agree in gender, number, case and definiteness with the noun it modifies. Here, the noun (the) engineer = اَلمُهَندِس is masculine, singular, genitive (it's not visible in this sentence, but it is genitive) and definite, so the adjective French = الفَرَنْسِيّ has to be masculine, singular, genitive and definite.

October 24, 2019
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