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I have ~130 students whose progress is not showing up on schools.duolingo.com

I use to keep track of things like the color of skills or XP. That is nearly impossible to do now since the course progress page (the one with the different-colored circles) doesn't match up with what the students are doing. As a matter of fact, it hasn't updated in more than a month. Can I get some help, please?

October 23, 2019



Mine is doing the same thing. I've emailed about this, but I don't get any response.

October 24, 2019


I'm having the same issue. It has not updated since mid-September. I have sent emails and received no response. I use Duolingo as a major part of my base curriculum. Finals are coming, I am unable to easily access student progress for planning. It is highly disrumptive and inconvenient.

I'm giving Lingots to these emails, does this help them take notice of our concerns?

I appreciate very much what Duolingo is doing as an organization, but once we ask teachers to rely on our servicexsx, when we do not deliver on what is presented it impacts the quality of education we offer.

Thank you Duolingo! But please fix this bug!

October 25, 2019


I'm with you on this one! Every single word, especially on the fact that Duolingo is a game changer for us here! We are willing to invest and pay for the product, but please don't let us down. If you guys feel like you have to hire more people, and invest more time on this, let us know, share the goals and the needs with us. I'm sure we are all so satisfied with your work that, we simply want you guys to keep doing the amazing job you've been doind and take this dream to the next level.

And yeah I'm literaly screwed if I don't get these results on time!


October 31, 2019


Same situation, I have 6 classrooms and I can't see any progress they do. Couple of months age, I could see it but not anymore.

October 31, 2019
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