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why I don't see the translation of the audio exercises anymore?

I used to see them after getting the sentence either right or wrong. Believe me, it was really useful.

EDIT: Here are the steps to reproduce it. Do any lesson > after each exercise you will see the translation of the sentence (e.g. translate from xx to english, translate from english to xx). However, if the exercise is of the type 'Type what you hear' you won't see the translation after clicking "check".

The only difference I can think of is that I have already finished the tree and I am redoing or strengthening the lessons and skills.

Note: I noticed the problem happens with some of the audio exercises but not all of them. I can't find a consistent pattern to reproduce the problem at this point :(

June 24, 2014



I have the same problem. It's very annoying... What's the point of typing what you hear, if they don't give you translations afterwards...


Thank you. I thought I was going nuts being the only one who was able to reproduce it :D


I'm not exactly sure but maybe it's something to do with your settings? If you haven't already, it can't hurt to check.


I edited the post with the steps to reproduce it


Have you updated the program


I meant the desktop version

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