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Unhelpful Support. What to do?

Thanks for reading this.

I have another account which is a paid subscriber.

Since a few days ago the iPad app is unable to connect to the Duolingo server. One can clearly see it in the log and from the error messages. I can still login on the website just fine.

I sent emails to support with the log.

All they come back with is: uninstall, reinstall it should fix it! Did it. Didn't fix it.

Then they replied with reset your password that will fix it! Even though the log shows otherwise and I can login on the site, no issue with the password... Did it, just to make them happy. Didn't fix it.


Does anyone have any contact to someone in Support with actual technical knowledge who doesn't react like a bot? Would be greatly appreciated!


October 24, 2019



Just to add that the subscriber account cannot post here because it's for my kid who is under 13 years old and so the forum are blocked.



Hello, sorry that you are having trouble. So installing the newest version of the app is not working, and neither is logging out and back in? How did you log in if it cannot connect to server? When do you see the error? I am forwarding this to someone in support to take a look, but it will be helpful to have these answers in order to help your kid.


Did you send an email to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (and selected "purchase issue" from the drop-down)?


In order to look into it, I need the account's username. If you have a reference number, let me know. If not, please send an email and include the affected account's username and also your username 0gik1 in it as well so we can find it.

If you don't know the affected account's username, log into it and access this link: https://www.duolingo.com/settings -- it will show you the username on top.

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