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Update:Protests and internet shut offs:URGENT

I live in Iraq, we had internet shut offs this past month, Duolingo was nice enough to return my streak when I explained the situation to them. Tomorrow they have a planned protest for fri-Sunday. I don’t think I can ask to return my streak again, I can’t keep doing that. Can I purchase a streak freeze for 3 days I don’t want to lose my streak. if anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it!

Nov 7: So they (government) shut off the net for 2 days and I lost my streak. I had a streak freeze, but it wasn’t enough. I think they should make a 3 day streak available.

October 24, 2019



Maybe this information will help you decide what to try: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34714729


There are several possible things you can do, but all depend on the situation including what platform you are using and access to others and could have varying degrees of success.

Make sure you have a streak freeze in place before this happens.

The Android app (not sure about iOS) apparently has a weekend amulet that can be bought (with gems or lingots, not sure which) on Fridays to cover two days (I think Saturday and Sunday).

Another option is to have a friend outside the blackout zone do a basic lesson for you each day to keep your streak up (helps to lower your goal to the lowest possible). Or, your friend can alternatively purchase (with lingots/gems) a streak freeze for you each day until you are back. You can change your password again when this is over.

Another option for some is to do the lessons just before midnight (their local time) to cover the first day, then just after midnight the second day (but in reality just minutes apart from the first day), then make sure there is a streak freeze. This covers 1, 2, 3 days at once. Of course it would all depend on when your outages start.

Then there is the possibility of Duo Plus. It allows lessons to be downloaded on the apps (not the web) to be done without internet. I do not know if this would appease your streak if you did the lessons on each of the particular days but did not upload them until 3 days later but maybe it is worth a try?

Duo Plus also has one free streak repair each month. However, I cannot imagine what the cost ratio is for someone living in Iraq to purchase Duo Plus, but you supposedly can get one free week as a trial, and if you invite friends via the app who then sign up from the link Duo sends them, you can supposedly get another free week per friend (but some people have had troubles getting credit for that). Unfortunately, the trial does not solve the ongoing problems.

Well, these are ideas. I wish you the best of luck, and hope for peace.


Quote: Can I purchase a streak freeze for 3 days I don’t want to lose my streak

No, it only works for one day.

Quote: if anyone can help me out

The internet provider shuts down?
Is that only at home with the landline?

Can you use a tablet / smarthone with a 3G UMTS / LTE connection to a mobile phone provider?

They also offer prepaid calling cards which you can also use for Internet (3G/LTE) data traffic.

Or does the whole Iraq turn down ALL telephone connections for ALL providers?
How can you then call emergency if something happens?


The shut done all internet servers no vpn no cellular data. They don’t want anyone posting anything about the protests online at all.


Just got an update they will not be shutting the internet off this time. But I’m still going to get a streak freeze just in case!


Do streaks really matter to you? They make no difference to learning whatsoever..


It’s a motivation technique -tricks the mind and offers it a gold star to make it feel better

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