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How do you use berapa, umur and tahun when talking about ages?

Hello. Quite a beginner's topic here - I'm only just picking Indonesian up again, so my knowledge is limited. Thanks to anyone who can help!

I've noticed that these three words "berapa", "umur", and "tahun" are used often when talking about people's ages. What do they mean and how should I use them? I've noticed that umur is usually used at the beginning of a sentence, and tahun at the end. Why? Is there a formula I could use to remember what order they are used and when?

Thanks in advance!

October 24, 2019



Berapa = How Much, How Many.

Umur = Age.

Tahun = Year.

The frequently used to ask age in indonesian : Q: Berapa Umurmu? = How old are you? A: Saya 25 Tahun = I'm 25 years old

Umur kamu berapa? = How old are you?

=== Frequently used question to ask age of baby

Sudah Berapa tahun sekarang?

Sudah Berapa bulan?


I’m not sure, I get confused about that as well, I only just started. Berapa is what, and I think tahun is age, but I’m not sure about umur.


Ok, I got it completely wrong! I did it a long time ago.


"berapa" literally means "how much" or "how many", "umur" literally means "age", "tahun" literally means "year". If you're trying to ask someone's age, you should be saying it "berapa umur anda?"

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