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Completed Modules Missing!!

Spent a good hour working thru modules on Sunday. But when I logged in to study on Monday, all the competed modules from Sunday were missing.....as if I had done no work??!!

Anyone else have this happen and have a solution??!! As I am hesitant to keep moving forward if my completed info is going to keep missing!

Cheers and thank you in advance!


June 24, 2014



Where were you using Duolingo?


Thanks! I started on my macbook and then moved to working on my iPhone. When I started on my iPhone it did show all the completed modules I had done while working from the laptop.

I had finished and competed a module, and instead of starting a new one, knowing that if you DO NOT finish your work is not saved. So this is not a case of just quitting in the middle of a module.

Thanks for your help....as I am LOVING the program...just gotta get these glitches worked out!


Try logging out on your MacBook and then logging back in again. Sometimes the synchronising between iOS app and the website is a bit slow.


That was the first thing I tried with both my iPhone and my macbook....but didn't work.

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