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  5. "I go home."

"I go home."

Translation:Domum eo.

October 24, 2019



I don't understand when i'm supposed to use domum and when i should use domo


Domum is the accusative form of domus and domō is the ablative form. Use the accusative for motion toward (ad -> "to") and the ablative for motion from (ab -> "from"). "Go home" in English is idiomatic for "go to home", so it would require the accusative, and Latin, just like the English equivalent, does not use a preposition with domum.


And domi is the locative form, ="in the home/at home",
replacing in a mandatory way the non existent in + domus (or any other declension used with "in")


Why don't we need 'ad' before domum here?

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