Why do so many questions/phrases lack alternate translations?

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I'm pretty confident in my english skills (native german speaker), and I'm using the Duolingo German->English course to a) evaluate the quality of the duolingo platform (I've recently discovered it and love the idea), and b) brush up on niche words and phrases. I've gone through the "test out" stages of most of the course (and was quite annoyed that there is no test for the last group of categories, which made me go through them one by one), and now the strength of the categories is decreasing, so i'm going through them and strengthening them. Unfortunately, especially today I've run into many phrases/questions where I used a different translation, which was not accepted as correct. I'm just wondering why this would be? Are there so many new phrases in the German->English course? Are new ones added frequently? And if so, why do so many lack alternate (IMHO quite common) translations? I'd be happy to help curate/moderate the vocabulary/phrase database for the german-english courses, but I've not found anywhere to "apply" or otherwise help. ----- (also, off topic, why can't I seem to enter newlines in this text field?)

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New lines: I just had to restart my browser, because I had the same problem and now everything is fine.
The other topic: I started doing the same as you did and stumble as well. What I noticed after doing English-French for a while is, that Duo wants translations not a rough meaning. I noticed, that I often hit the meaning of the sentence, but when looking closely, I hadn't really translated the sentence.
I can't really speak for the German-English course as I am not doing it at the moment, but the English-French and German-French course both a plenty of valid translations. Of course not all are shown, but when typed they will be accepted.

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