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  5. "Don't eat the cheese!"

"Don't eat the cheese!"

Translation:Noli caseum comedere!

October 24, 2019



Does Noli have to go at the beginning of a sentence?


Yes, because it is an imperative, it gives the order of the verb nolle: to be unwilling to/to refuse, nōli is imperative singular and nōlite plural, if you wish to give the order to one or many persons. Also nole is the contraction of non + velle = not to want.

The literal traslation, read as an order would be Be unwilling/Refuse to eat the cheese More naturally expressed as Don't eat the cheese.



"Āmitĕ illum cāsĕum bastarde!!" - Mīlĕs lĕgĭōnārĭus circā pistrīnum impĕrātŏris Romae.

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