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  5. "Don't eat the cheese!"

"Don't eat the cheese!"

Translation:Noli caseum comedere!

October 24, 2019



Does Noli have to go at the beginning of a sentence?


Yes, because it is an imperative, it gives the order of the verb nolle: to be unwilling to/to refuse, nōli is imperative singular and nōlite plural, if you wish to give the order to one or many persons. Also nole is the contraction of non + velle = not to want.

The literal traslation, read as an order would be Be unwilling/Refuse to eat the cheese More naturally expressed as Don't eat the cheese.



Thank you MardukSky for the details!

I just wonder what kind of feast this is if we can't eat the cheese.


"Āmitĕ illum cāsĕum bastarde!!" - Mīlĕs lĕgĭōnārĭus circā pistrīnum impĕrātŏris Romae.


There is then no freedom of order here; I do not believe it. Why should comedere be last? The other constructions do not follow this strict order.


"Noli comedere caseum" and "Caseum noli comedere" should also be possible. What was your answer?

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