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Any Indonesian Learners in South Wales or West of England?

Hello everybody!

Calling all Indonesian learners in Swansea, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Bath, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil.

If there are any.

If anybody has a level of Indonesian where they would like to practice with each other and native speakers, would anybody be up for helping get a meetup going in Cardiff? Even just once a month or whatever. There is already a great language meetup scene in Cardiff for other languages.

Also, I know a little the Indonesian Society at the uni here, and I reckon some native speakers would be interested in coming to help out. We could buy them each a cup of tea.

Anybody interested?

Makasih untuk membaca!


October 24, 2019



Sorry, there will be a tiny chance of someone saying yes. I can’t.


Worth a go, huh?


Definitely worth a go! I'm an Indonesian learner from the Bath/Bristol area, but based abroad right now. If I find myself in Cardiff in the future I'll get in touch. But based on my own uni experiences, I would say that your best bet is to do an exchange with a native speaker in the Indonesian society - possibly someone would like help polishing their spoken English or even proofreading the occasional essay, in exchange for weekly chats in Indonesian. I've found that the great thing about learning Indonesian is how willing native speakers are to share their language with you!


Thankyou, that's a very good idea! I shall have to do that.

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