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  5. "Hoch tI'laH qoqlIj."

"Hoch tI'laH qoqlIj."

Translation:Your robot can repair everything.

October 24, 2019



Maybe a silly question, but would anything also have worked for Hoch here? I forgot to try the translation I was least sure of first this time.

Edit to add: I take this question back. A discussion on a separate exercise using Hoch in a similar way suggests that anything would have been fine in this context, but that everything is more widely applicable. Thanks so much as always.


So in English we have these three words: something, anything, everything. The first one refers to some single thing and is definitely vay' in Klingon. The last one refers to all the possible things and is definitely Hoch in Klingon. But Klingon doesn't have an exact equivalent to the middle one. "Anything" seems to be referring to some single thing, but it could be any one of all the possible things, so in a way it is really applying to all the things.

"Anything" is officially a definition of vay', because it is referring to a single thing. But in this case I could easily see an English speaker using "anything" to mean "all the things (but one at a time)." Unless it was being used to mean, "it can fix any one thing (before it self-distructs)", then that would definitely be vay'.


Ah, I see, that really clarifies a distinction that I didn't even realize was still muddled in my mind (it's eye-opening to realize how much I take for granted in English by virtue of being a native speaker). Thank you!

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