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New Feature..

Hello/Hola/Guten Tag/Oi/Bonjour!

I would just like to say I really like this new feature..

It means I access my lessons so much quicker, and also shows the nice little monument.. It doesn't show on my German tree since I've already finished it, but it does show a lovely little picture of the Brandenburg Gate,


June 24, 2014



This will be very nice. I just noticed it too (and then came here to see if someone had mentioned it!).

It would also be nice if there were a similar option to take you to the next non-gold skill. (I know, they're never satisfied!)


I have several non-gold skills, but no button. C'est la vie, maybe soon.


Wouldn't that be functionally the same as the current "Strengthen Skills" button?


No, because this takes you straight to the lesson you need to finish, not strengthen words. Its takes you to the lesson in the skill.


Ooo! I hope that goes out to everyone soon! Looks very pretty, but I'm not seeing it on mine yet, so I guess they're still testing it.


I don't see it on mines nor this either. I'd trade my words tab for that.


I have it. I guess not everyone does. ☺


I know it's really handy so you don't have to scroll all the way down to get to a new lesson.


I don't have it for my Italian! Maybe I need to log out and back in, since I've been logged in all day. :-)


Yeah, that's what I had to do(:


Fancy, schmancy! I just noticed it, too! It's beautiful!


Sadly my other account and this one doesn't have it. Looks like they're rolling it out because it can't possibly be in AB testing.


this is wonderful

last year there were hundreds of posts on this issue

nice to see that they read and improve

thanks Lewis for bringing this visible


you're welcome.. I'll write to you tomorrow.... 22.37 in bonnie Glasge.. last day of school tomorrow before the summer begins.. these are good times to be living..


Scots wha hae.

Lewis and Jack, we don't appear to have this in Italian yet :(


I think they are just testing a few people just now


I just noticed this too! It's awesome. Saves me the hassle of scrolling down loads to get to the newest lesson (even though I'm only like 1/3 of the way through the tree!). If you also notice as well, at the end of a lesson there's a "Next Lesson" button which takes you straight into the next lesson.

Thanks Duo for continually improving this amazing website and giving us all such a great opportunity to learn :)


I noticed this too around an hour ago! :) Surprised me!


Just noticed it. Nice little improvement.


Very cool. Does it distinguish between a bonus skill lesson and a regular lesson? I will try it out.


In my tree, the bonus skill lessons are ignored.


Yay! This is the first time I'm on a testing group! I love how it looks.


Did that just happen? O.o


I'm not sure, I just clicked on Home and it appeared..


Now, learning will be sooooooo much better....


I really like it, But I wished they rolled out the vocabulary feature with this update.


I really like this! It's helpful and pretty!


This is great! I'd secretly been hoping for a feature like this to be implemented, so I'm very excited to try it once we all get this (hopefully). :)


Sorry, but I don't really mind this feature: I will use it very rarely and it takes away a lot of space so that I have to scroll down more, but I cannot say that I dislike it. I don't like it either.

It is obviously made to prevent us from scrolling down, but I like to "jump" between the skills (learning 10 lessons adverbs in a row? Not my favorite approach!) and that's why it's not that great to me.


How does it choose what lesson to pick? I like to always do the one with the lowest fraction so I end them all around the same time and don't get 10 lessons of verbs in a row.


Hahahaha! That flirting skill that needs strengthening look way too familiar.


How do you get this?


If you don't have it.. then it's because you're not in the test group..


I am one of the lucky ones to have it. Actually I have noticed several changes recently.

  1. The Start New Lesson- I have it also on my Spanish learning English tree as well as the Spanish. It appears to only take you to a new uncompleted lesson.

  2. The Scorecard feature is still available. It is at the bottom left of the progress /points earned page. A gray button that says "Review lesson"

  3. The Return /Enter key on my laptop no longer works after a lesson is completed. I have to actually mouse over to the "Continue" button and click it to advance back to the skill set page. This means scrolling because I enlarge the page view for easier viewing.

  4. Seems only occasionally I am presented with the "You know Blah% of words in article and the option to translate it in Immersion. Before it was always popping up after any lesson I completed.


I see it on mine as well, was about to make a post. Since I already finished my Spanish tree, there is no button. But, I like the way it looks (graphics person here).


Yes, it's same with my German..


How come I'm never part of the A/B tests?


You're actually part of multiple AB tests we're currently running =D


I wouldn't mind being part of some AB tests :D


Since A/B testing means having a group with the feature and one without it, then being on the group that does not have the feature means you are actually part of the test... :)


Ah! You're right. Perhaps I should say I would like to be in A rather than B.


But what if the B side is the one that always gets features? ;)

Maybe they have a system in place to randomly assign users to a side, so you can be "in" some tests and "out" of others.


I know I'm with words. But what else?


Do you have the scorecard? Maybe the weekly chart is an AB test as well.


I don't have the scorecard.


Now I wonder what bchan means...


I didn't realise the scorecard was a test..


I am also wondering what happened with it. I had it. Now I lost it. It's a bummer.


Probably a whole set of parameters like defining which words are going to be used when you practice weak skills or the order of new questions when learning a new lesson and so on...


Nice! Can't wait to get it!

I noticed some other novelties today, too, looks like they've been busy bees :)


This doesn't work for me in any of my languages. I wonder if it is a phased roll-out? (I did try logging out and back in, jut in case...)


I just got it today. So cool! :)


Aw! I don't have that... I also don't have the new words page! :-( Happy learning! -Spaceowl42


That looks great. However, I am still waiting on the Scoreboard feature to be rolled out to me, so I guess I'm one of the last on the list for new stuff. :/


I like this new feature! :D It's very handy and also pretty to see at the top of my tree. I'm also excited that I'm part of the group that gets to test it out ^_^

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