can I retake a course all over again

I would like to retake a course all over again. Does anyone knows how to do that or if this is even possible?

I am at level 2 and am very confused about the activity 2 and weather course. I re-study the verbs (almorzar, poder, cerrar, entender...etc) and I would like to go over the whole courses again. I know I can practice those course but the practicing sessions are too easy. Can someone help?

October 24, 2019


No there is no way.

You can't reset individual skills.

Basically you are talking about a skill / topic, not a course:

The course is the full tree: EN->ES

There has been multiple threads and requests for this, but it has not happened.
Honestly, I do not believe that staff is already working on something like that with a higher priority.

Quote: I know I can practice those courses skills but the practicing sessions are too easy.

Well, if they are on the L5 level, then yes.
Then you run into the "L5 crown level bug".

For L1-L4 crown skills you can use the hidden practice button, which you can't directly select on the app or the web.

October 24, 2019

According to your current progress page:


You better don't level up ALL skills to the highest crown level immediately!

Spread the time - following a spaced repetition (SR) next interval - when to work on which skills (vs practice) and when to level them up.

  • Push forward with L1 crowns (+ old practice): To be able to complete the quite long CEFR tree within ~1,8-2,3 years
  • Work on a L1-L3 pyramid system.
  • Use the "timed practice" button on the web portal (it is still more challenging) for L1-L3 crown skills

Only level up to higher L4/L5 crowns when you have completed more skills and more time has gone by.

October 24, 2019

Sometimes skills auto level to the next level based on their words progress:

This was a change in 2019, so you can't use the PRACTICE button as good and as much as before without registering sometimes "crown sessions" (=lessons) on old skills.

October 24, 2019

That is for the whole course = tree (ALL skills, all lessons, all crowns/XP, language level 22->0, etc.) not a single (selected) skill / topic.

October 24, 2019

True, Thomas, but Angel said she would like to go over the whole course(s) again. Still, great catch here, to warn everyone that one can't reset individual skills. Skills are the circles on the course, and within the skills are the lessons.

October 24, 2019



Quote: I am at level 2 and am very confused about the "activity 2" and "weather" courses

Well, she is speaking about her two L5 crown (gold) level courses skills which she has FULLY completely.

Now she runs into the "L5 crown level bug", practice exercises get too easy (beginner level) and she wants to RESET those two (or more) skills so she can start the sequential L1-L4 crown lessons again, with increasing difficulty.

At least I did not understand it that way, that she wants to reset ALL her skills + crown / XP language level.

Hmm, now as I have written down this sentence, I think I am wrong :-)

Quote Angel877714: I would like to retake a course ALL over again.

Looks like I overread that, dunno why.
Was this sentence there from the beginning? ;)

That is usually one of the problems if people use the wrong termina "courses" vs "skills".

ALL her 39-3 skills are L5 gold, so Angel will run into that "practice problem" with several of their skills.

Maybe she has leveled them up a bit too fast??

But as she has been constantly completing her 36 skills since March 2019 I am not very sure if she really should RESET her whole course.


Quote: I re-study the verbs (almorzar, poder, cerrar, entender...etc)

If words - especially verbs infinitives + pronoun conjugations + verb tense stems - do not stick, it is better to go to 3rd party flashcard applications where you can:

  • drill words with 100% typing (Memrise web) or self-rating answer buttons (AnkiSRS)
  • 100% L1 English -> L2 Spanish translations (recall tests)
  • turning multiple-choice OFF

For stems there are extra verb review resources where you have to practice those verb conjugations for different (selectable) personal pronouns.
You can enable for which tenses you want to generate the questions / conjugations.


IMHO you won't be happy alone with Duolingo in the mid- to long-term.

If you RESET now your course (crowns, XP) and 36 completed skills, you will be back at the (very) beginning!

This obviously means on Duolingo:

  • Spanish -> English translations (higher ratio); you want the other direction!!!
  • multiple-choice (too much guessing)
  • single picture exercises (does not help that much for verbs; they use them more often for nouns)
  • "fill the word into the blank" type exercises (again too much guessing and selecting 1-3 multiple-choice options)
  • not so much typing (on the web) on lower crown levels

You can't really drill verb infinitives on this plattform here.

I would have been lost without Memrise (web) within my first 1,0-1,5 years!

The quite long CEFR trees, like your Spanish from English course, focus maybe too much on the "present tense" in the beginning.

The more interesting verb tense stuff comes (much) later...especially in the last sections.


Resetting your Duolingo Spanish tree (back to level 0, 0 crowns) is probably not the final (real) solution.

But feel free to do that as you have the chance to sequentially level up skills and go over the lessons once again.


There is a code change already rolling out to all users which eliminates the higher x3 / x5 lesson multiplication factors on the L3->L4 / L4->L5 crown levels.

If a L0->L1 / L1->L2 has for example max 3 or 4 to 6 (max) lessons, and not 10 lessons, it won't increase anymore on the higher crown levels.
The lesson number will stay the same!

I would guess that you probabably have seen many more lessons for your past completed 36 skills (old lesson system)?!


The "normal practice" and "timed practice" button works much better with L1-L4 crown skills.

No matter what approach you are going to decide for, wish you all the best.

October 25, 2019

Hi Thomas, I am also worried that she meant those 2 skills (Activity 2 and Weather) and not the whole language course of instruction.

I agree with your advice that she should practice her verb conjugations elsewhere and preserve her tree, because she might soon have even less lessons to study.

But some people really don't mind resetting the whole thing. We just hope they realize what will happen when they erase the whole thing!

I used to have a link to a Spanish verb practice website that a Norwegian programmer had created herself as a supplement to her Duolingo lessons. It was very easy to plug in which tense and then which kind of verb one wanted to practice. Sometimes I just like to study on a simple website without every choice being so exactly tracked!

October 26, 2019

Yes, it is possible to reset a course -- the whole language course tree. Not a circular skill within the whole course. You have to be willing to let go of your digital progress.

Here below, some other learners discuss resetting their whole courses or doing alternative ways to practice instead.

You are right -- it does take a while to remember which verbs change their stems and how they change in different verb tenses.

If you can find somewhere else to do online verb practice, you would not need to reset the course, except for the other skills you mentioned.

October 24, 2019
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