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Course progress NOT UPDATING!

Greetings, Since mid-Spetember, my course progress for my classess has not updated. It really hinders the efficacy of using Duolingo if I cannot actually open up and view student progress along the curriculum.

Is anyoone else having this problem?

October 25, 2019



We are looking into this problem now Spachlieber!


Good news Everyone! The Devs have been working hard and this issue seems to be FIXED NOW! Progress data should be updated in the teacher dashboard as each student logs in. Please, let me know if everything is working as expected now! Thanks so much for your patience!


I am not seeing it. Will it take time to show up? I only see one student working.


Hi chnelson! The student you see is probably the only one who has logged in again? Maybe. If not, send us an email to teacher-feedback@duolingo.com with as many details as you can (user name of student/students who has logged out, log in again, completed and assignment and still not showing progress)


You are correct. Once my students logged in, I logged out and logged in again and could see their course progress report on my end! Thank you!


I am also having this problem. Is there any way to resolve this issue?!


We are trying. Email from the staff will follow. Thanks Devin!


Great! Thanks so much!!


Hello everyone! I know this is a total inconvenience, but we are working on this right now and making progress. Expect good news in the next few days!


Gaby, Please fix this! I am under orders to go shopping for a new system of delivery. WE love you guys and will willingly pay anything (reasonable). BUT this issue has gone on too long and I find it very frustrating that Duolingo did not reach out DIRECTLY to the teachers to alert them to issue. Thanks Todd


I'm very sorry, and I feel your pain. We didn't foreseen that this would happen, IT products like ours are very dynamic and every time you stitch up something often times the seam on the other side loses a sewing point. It's usually the teachers (regular and active users of the platform) who usually are the first in noticing that a feature is not working properly. But let me reassure you that we are working on this and I'll let you all know when it is fixed.


Glad to hear this. A lot of us reported it at least a month and a half ago. It has gotten past the point of frustration.


I am also having this problem, any help?


Same here! Got over 1500 students using Duolingo now. Can you imagine the mess if I don't get to have these results ready to go in order to reward the students for their work. And if I have to do this one by one, as in checking their phones one by one. That's proposterous! Please DUO, help us out by fixing this bug ASAP.


I can't even find my course progress for my class. It says there's supposed to be a "Course Progress" button on the side bar and there isn't one there.


Course progress not updating. It may be that I am currently to upload some software at the same time I am using doing the lesson. I am concerned that I will lose my streak. I have three hours remaining for today's effort. Please help me.

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