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"Warum sind wir nicht Freunde?"

Translation:Why are we not friends?

April 23, 2013



Warum sind wir nicht Freunde?

Because you're forcing me to take German with you, Becca. That's why.


Because you swim with my girlfriend


I like how Duolingo takes into account all the difficulties of moving to a foreign country, and the odd conversations that might folow.


"Wieso ist es so klein" is my favourite by far.


weiso vs warum? Is there a convention on usage here?


"wieso" and "warum" are synonyms. "warum" is more common.


They are not really synonyms i guess. Even though both means "why", they are used in different contexts. " wieso" is used if you are asking about something that is done intentionally. >> E.g. wieso rennst du? (Why are you running? You feel like he is doing exercise) But on the other hand, if you are questioning about something unintentional, then you use "warum". >>E.g. warum rennst du? (Sometime suddenly started running. You have no clue) (Someone please correct me if i missed something.)


That's a sad sentence.


Thanks Duo for accepting my typo, although "fiends" and "friends" have ...somewhat different meanings!


Doesn't it make more sense to use "Warum sind wir kein Freunde?"


Remember that "kein" needs to be "corrected" depending on the gender of the noun


You're a machine, Duo. I can't be friends with a machine.


Because you made me dream of ducks


why is nicht used here for nouns(friends) instead of kein....pls explain this....its getting complicated


Would "Why aren't we friends YET" be "Warum sind wir NOCH nicht Freunde"?


why is nicht used here instead of keine. Friends is noun, so it make more sense to use keine.


Why "Freunde" and not "Freund"? Is it because of the dative case?


Why do you decline nouns? ??


What is the difference if I say Why we are not friends? I need to learn German, my English is second language, give me the course in Arabic and see if I can pass this lesson,


The subject and verb need to be inverted in a question like that.


I don't have a question, I just want to know what level my German is...


Why we are not friends? The answer is not correct.


please can someone help me that why '' Why we are not friends?'' is wrong?

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It's not how you'd ask the question in English. "Why we are not friends?" is a grammatically incorrect English sentence.


It should be "Why are we not friends" or, even better and more commonly: "Why aren't we friends?" which is actually short for: "Why are not we friends", which is technically also correct but rarely spoken that way (without the contraction).


How come Freunde is masculine? I thought all plurals are feminine?


Nouns don't change gender because they are plural. They just change the article used. For instance, "Freund" is masculine..."Freunde" is still masculine, but because it is the plural form you will use "die Freunde" instead of "der Freunde".


warum kann wir sind freunde nicht (8) warum kann wir sind freunde nich (8) is that correct? xD "why can't we be friends"?


We do not say "Why can we are friends not?"

"Why can't we be friends?" would be "Warum können wir nicht Freunde sein?"


:( that's why i'm learning. i was just guessing how to say that, but thanks


spanish is my first lang. hey! thanks for the links :)


Können oder darfen?


Well, "Why can't we be friends?" is from a song and that would use "können", but the question above is "Why aren't we friends?" Certainly, "Why shouldn't we be friends?" could have been used in the song and that would have used "darfen", but it just wasn't used in the song. "can't" or "cannot" leaves the impression that you just want to know the reasons why you are unable to be friends. "shouldn't" means that you can but some reasons would make it unfavorable to be friends. There are a lot of things people shouldn't do that they do, but when they can't do something, there is something that must be changed to be able to do that. In the song the emphasis is placed on "Why can't WE BE FRIENDS?" to imply that nothing should prevent us, we should overcome any obstacle. When "shouldn't is used the emphasis is usually placed on "shouldn't" and you also imply that we should be friends. When children ask "Why CAN'T we be friends?" they are unhappy that they cannot and wish they could be friends, but it does not imply that they are going to overcome the obstacle, just that they might think it is unfair.


Darn it then, that's way off tempo :(


Why is not correct the translated form ”Why we are not friends?”


You didn't invert the subject and verb.


The sentence is a question. Hence it should be 'Why are we....?' I think "Why we are not friends?" is grammatically incorrect. But "Why we are not friends, because we are enemies" is correct because it is not a question.


The English translation grammer is not right to be written that way


'Why are we not friends?' sounds awkward. Shouldn't it be: 'Why are not we friends?'

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