I have been using Duolingo for personally for over a year and have enjoyed it. However, I wanted to start a language club for my elementary students, and have nothing but trouble attempting to create an account for my students.

The application keeps using my information when registering each student. When I gave the the instructions to create an account, students were not able to create an account either.

Very frustrating!

October 25, 2019


Did you create a classroom using Duolingo for Schools, BartleyNic? There is currently a bug that is being worked on. For the moment, have your students create their own accounts. They'll have to do an initial lesson (They'll have the screen "Take a placement test or start at the beginning." For elementary students, make them start at the beginning.) When they have done their first lesson and they are back at the "tree" screen, have them click on the blue silhouette in the upper right corner. Have them click on the gear that says, "settings," and then on the words "progress sharing." At this point, they can enter your classroom code that you see in your Duolingo for Schools classroom.

This has been 100% effective with my 130 students and other teachers that I have talked to.

Hope this helps!

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