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"Do you know all the numbers from 0 to 10, Maha?"

Translation:هَل تَعْرِفين كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد مِن ٠ إِلى ١٠ يا مَها؟

October 25, 2019



Please what is the difference between تَعْرِفين and تَعْرِف


تعرف is used when you speak to a male person تعرفين is used when you speak to a female person


Now when I speak masri (egyptian) can I say تعرف for women too? This rule is just for MSA right? This course is great but it isnt how normal people speak in egypt...


very good question and great answer arsa.khari. I was going to ask the same thing that is why I gave you 2 lingots for the answer


Is there a way to communicate directly with the authors of these programs? When an answer is submitted, it should not be erased immediately so that we can campare our answers with the given one. Very frustrating when you do not know what you had written that was incorrect.


I think there's a bug reporting form on the Duolingo website. They don't monitor these forums. Or flag the answer with "Something else went wrong" and a comment..?


Why was arqam not used for numbers? 20210427

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