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Activity Details different XP than Student Activity Log

I give my students a weekly grade for XP: 280 XP = 100%, 210 XP = 90%, etc.
I had a student tell me that he "did 180 XP last night", but when I looked at Activity Details, it showed that he had 159 XP for the week. He swore that he did it. On his student profile, I looked at Student Activity Log, and it indeed showed that the lessons he did added up to 180 XP. This has happened with other students in the past. Activity Details seems to miss something. What gives, Duolingo?

October 25, 2019



This bug has been reported and is being looked into. Hold tight!

For now, have students send you screen shots with their "Congratulations" screen. I know it's a pain, but it's better than nothing.


Glad it is being looked at. I can't possibly look at each individual student's Activity Log, would be way too time consuming! The Activity Details need to be accurate if students are going to be rewarded for their Duo work.


Same here! Got over 1500 students using Duolingo now. Can you imagine the mess if I don't get to have these results ready to go in order to reward the students for their work. And if I have to do this one by one, as in checking their phones one by one. That's proposterous! Please DUO, help us out by fixing this bug ASAP

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