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Web/iPhone streak mismatch

My streak on the web says 16 days, but on the iPhone it says 4 days for Spanish, which I don't think is correct. Oddly, for German and French it still says 16 days.

How come the different languages on iPhone are showing different streaks, when the web doesn't seem to be that granular? And what happened to my iPhone Spanish streak? I'm fairly sure the 16 day streak should apply to that too, as I've been learning it every day, but only sporadically learning the others!

June 24, 2014



Do you have coach mode enabled for Spanish?


Yep, and not for the others. This isn't normal behaviour though, right?


Depends. When you use coach mode, you have to earn your 'goal xp' everyday to maintain the coach streak. So if your goal is 30XP, you must earn 30XP every day to keep your streak.
This is different from your normal streak where you only have to earn 1XP a day to maintain your streak. If you turn coach mode back off, your streak should reset to your 'global streak', which is 16 days (you may have to restart the app or do a lesson for the change to take effect)


Ah, forgot about the coach! I've turned it off and have got the global streak back. Thanks :-)


Having the same problem

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