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  5. "Rehema's gown"

"Rehema's gown"

Translation:Gauni la Rehema

October 25, 2019



According to wiktionary: gauni (n class, plural gauni). So it should be 'Gauni ya Rehema' if wiktionary is right.


But according to TUKI, the on-line dictionary of the Dept. of Swahili of the University of Dar es Salaam: gauni nm ma- [li-/ya-] dress, gown.*


To see which class it's more common to use a word in, turn to google. Compare "gauni ya" with "gauni la" or "gauni yenye" compared with "gauni yenye" and you'll see that it's much more commonly used in noun classes 5/6 (ji/ma) than 9/10 (N/N) and virtually any inanimate noun will have some false positives with 9/10 anyway since that's the class that everything ends up in for non-native speakers who don't put effort into learning the classes.


I thought robe/gown is kanzu? And gauni is dress? So in this case since it said gown, it should therefore be kanzu - no? Can someone please clarify

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