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"Corinna is not a girl, but a woman."

Translation:Corinna non est puella, sed femina est.

October 26, 2019



Couldn't you also say, "Corinna puella non est..."?


Yes, that's fine too.


Is it correct to say "Corinna non est puella, sed femina"?


i answered that but was marked as incorrect. :(


I did but got marked correctly


Whats the difference between "es" and "est"? I put "es" instead of the first "est" but put "est" as the second "est"


May I ask what is the difference between putting 'est' at the end vs not putting 'est'? Thankss


I was marked as incorrect to write "Corrina non est puella sed est femina". Can someone help me understand the difference between "sed femina est" and "sed est femina"?


There isn't... You were correct, in Latin there isnt a structured word order like english or german etc. Duolingo still has a little bit to fix up i guess


Hey wait, there isnt a word order in Latin?


I mistakenly picked "es" instead of "est", and it told me I have a "typo". In telling me so, Dulingo itself had a "typo", saying: "You have a typo. Corinna non est puella, sed ea femina." That is wrong, "ea" femina is plural form... altho the translation here is correct.


i answered "corinna non puella est, sed femina est" but it was marked wrong, could someone explain why est is supposed to come before puella but it comes after femina???


There's nothing wrong with your rendition. Sometime not all possible word orders are accounted for on Duolingo. Do note, though, that in copulative clauses ("X is Y") est tends to come in the middle. When a verb is repeated in a subsequent clause, it is regularly omitted:

Corinna nōn est puella, sed femina.


What's wrong with "puella Corinna non est, sed femina est"?

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