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Why can't I read the lesson text from the Android app?

I really enjoy this course, but I use the Duolingo Android app for most of the day.

When starting this course I noticed that the lesson explanatory text is only readable from the web version of Duolingo, which is annoying because I would really like to be able to read it while using the app.

Will we one day be able to read it from the app?

October 26, 2019



Originally the Tips & Notes were only available on the Web for all courses. Then the staff started working on Tips for the apps on their in-house courses (the one's staff do instead of volunteers). Very often when they have ideas for what they want the software to do they test it on the in-house courses first. Next they will often work on bringing those features to some of the major courses (like Japanese) to test how it works on the volunteer courses. If you check out the Spanish course, you will find that the Tips on the apps and the Tips & Notes on the Web exactly match. If you check out the Japanese course, you will find that the Tips on the apps are different than the Tips & Notes on the Web (though they cover the same materials). They are still working on the transition for Japanese. If they can get it working well and find they have finally designed a good user interface for the volunteers, they will often start working on how to make it available for all courses and let the volunteers take over. This is how it happened with allowing us to record our own audio. The expectation is that eventually staff will make Tips on the apps available in Klingon and other minor courses, but they probably have a lot of issues to work through first, so it is very difficult to predict if this will be next month or in 5 years. I do expect it will eventually be available for Klingon, but in the meantime, I will keep trying to help new users find the Tips & Notes available on the Web.


I’m on iOS so I’m not sure if this applies to Android phones, but I’m able to view the Tips & Notes pages by going to Duolingo.com via my phone’s web browser (rather than using the independent Duolingo app). There are some disadvantages to using the website version on my phone (most notably the rendering can make long sentences hard to read or enter), but I find that the benefits like seeing the Tips & Notes pages, and being able to ask questions via the discussion forum, more than make up for them. Or, when I’m practicing a skill that I’m largely comfortable with, I’ll sometimes split the difference, and pull up the Tips & Notes page on my browser but use the app to complete the lesson.

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