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Learning Malay

Hi I'm learning Malay for school but Duolingo doesn't have the course as they only have one for Indonesian. Though similar, there are significant differences to Malay and Indonesian. Can anyone recommend websites or apps to learn Malay?

October 26, 2019



You may get more help if you put this in Duolingo forum.


Try Memrise. There are specific Bahasa Malaysia courses there.


Hi there,

If you are learning it for school then I would recommend doing something which is specific for Bahasa Melayu - but if you are doing it for social reasons, there's nothing wrong with picking up Indonesian, getting pretty fluent and then learning the different vocabulary. They can figure you out, you can figure them out. It all works.


I can tutor you if you want, I'm a Malaysian


Love to learn Malay in Duolingo even though I am Mexican Middle Eastern who has relatives in Indonesia


my best friends are from malaysia, so they obviously know malay, i wanna learn it in duolingo but its not a course, wish it was

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