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I finished the Latin tree with all skills gilded! My first completed tree.

Along the way, I also reported a number of possible translations that should have been accepted, which subsequently were, so I am happy to have also done a little bit to make the course better for others.

I quite enjoyed it, but poor drunk parrots! Num nemo illos servat?!

October 26, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I'm very nearly finished too, I have just a couple of skills to finish practising. Also my first tree.


    Ego quoque heri, sed quid nunc facere possumus?


    Spero multas exercitias faciunt. Hodie totam exercitiam perfeci, sed fortasse, nunc expectamus.


    I haven't yet finished the tree , but I am really enjoying the Latin course day by day. For the poor drunk parrots, I totally agree with you - it's so sad ... :-)


    I like parrots or funny things, but there are not varied enough in the course, I tend to memorize the "psittacos interficiunt" and to keep in my brain, and it annoys me. I didn't want to memorize that, so I think this sentence came too often.

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