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"The first bedroom has the bed."

Translation:Primum cubiculum lectum habet.

October 26, 2019



CubiculōCubiculumCubicula A small bedroom; bedchamber. • From Cubō (lie down) +‎ -culum.

LectumLectus bed • From PIE legʰ- (“to lie”). Related to Ancient Greek λέχος (lékhos).

Lēctus Geniālis nunptial, bridal, marriage bed

Lēctus Adversus in ātriō - symbolic bed

Lēctus Cubiculāris chamber bed

Cūnae Cradle - high sides • κοίτη (koítē) Ancient Greek cognate • • • Cūnābulum Cradle - high sides


If the sentence were "Cubiculum primum lectum habet", could "primum" attach to either "cubiculum" or "lectum"? If so, would you only be able to tell the difference due to context, or is there a preference to attach to one over the other?


My understanding is that yes, it could attach to either. You would tell the difference based on context. And the tendency is that the adjective follows the noun it modifies. So it is more likely that "cubiculum primum lectum" implies "first bedroom" than "first bed". Putting primum first lessens this confusion.

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