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  5. "Do you like the dinner?"

"Do you like the dinner?"

Translation:Placetne cena tibi?

October 26, 2019



My "Cena tibi placet?" was rejected. Is that particular question construction actually grammatically incorrect?

Advance thanks for clearing this up for me. :°}


You didn't use -ne. It goes on the first important word of the sentence.


Thanks! I didn't phrase my question at all well. I knew that "Placetne cena tibi?" was correct but I was just wondering if it was the only correct way to construct this particular question. (Not sure where I got such a possibly daft notion, but I thought that in Latin a declarative sentence could be interpreted as a question by virtue of the speaker's intonation.)

Thanks again for responding. :°}


Would "Placet cena tibi?" also be correct? I thought that the addition of -ne to create a question was not mandatory.


Is "Cena tibi placetne?" also acceptable?


why is placetne ei vinum? correct but the not placetne tibi vinum?


"Placetne tibi cena" is correct. (It was just accepted.)

"Placetne tibi vinum" uses the wrong noun -- "vinum" ("wine" in English) instead of "cena" ("dinner" in English) for this question. However, I think it's otherwise OK.

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