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  5. "I do not like cold weather."

"I do not like cold weather."

Translation:لا أُحِبّ اَلْطَّقْس اَلْبارِد.

October 26, 2019



Shouldn't this be Taks baarid, since it's indefinite? But there's no option for "baarid", just "al-baarid".

October 26, 2019


This is one of the instances where the definition is not translated between Arabic and English. Sometimes, conveying a general meaning of something in English requires using the indefinite case (no THE). However, it doesn't work that way in Arabic and the generalized meaning do get THE (or AL) when stating such sentences. Classical Example: I love nature which might signify a general sense of nature and not a specific or localized nature of some place. In Arabic, this would be translated as أحب الطبيعة (uHibbu al-Tabí3ah), the word الطبيعة (the nature) comes here defined in Arabic, but it is not so in English.

October 27, 2019
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