"You all are boys."

Translation:Taobi iksāt.

October 26, 2019

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Why is that not "you are boys?" I thought, taobi and iksāt were plural, not collective ...


"You are boys" should also be correct. The original sentence uses "you all" in place of you to make it less ambiguous in English. "You all" (also sometimes written "y'all") is an English way of saying "you (plural)".


Okayyyyy ... English is weird. They could have just kept thou, thee, and ye. Then it wouldn't be necessary to use additional words to say whether you is singular or plural.


"thou" and "thee" aren't plural, though.


I know. I just mean it would result in a much clearer language if we had four words to cover objective and subjective in singular and plural instead of just having one to cover all. Then we would know that ye is plural and adding an all would not be necessary.


What's the difference between "issi", "iksi" and "iksāt"? I can't get it.

EDIT: "iksi" means "We are" (first person) "issi" means "They are" (third person) which leads to the question, why "iksāt" is "You are all" when it should be "issat". I don't see consistency in phonetical structure.

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