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"Die Frauen essen die Orangen."

Translation:The women are eating the oranges.

June 25, 2014



I would love it if we could have a chance to type it correctly if we get it wrong the first time. That would help solidify the correct response for next time. Is that possible???


That's why any errors pop up again at the end of the set, I think.


The pronunciation of "Orangen" here is not the same as usual on Duolingo


I thought i should use "den" before the accusative orangen ? Or does this only apply on singulars ?


It only applies to singulars because you a changing "der" in singular


Why not correct? The women "eating" the oranges?


You have to add "are" even though it doesn't show. It doesn't make any sense i know.


Yes it does - in German you don't need it but in English you do...


The women eat the oranges. (present tense)

The women are eating the oranges. (present continuous tense, "to be" + past participle)

Both are correct translations of the German. An English speaker would choose one or the other depending on the context of the situation.

'The women eating the oranges" (without the conjugated form of "to be") is a phrase that could either be a subject or an object:

The women eating the oranges sat on a bench.

I saw the women eating the oranges.


Why it's not "Die Frauen essen den Orangen."? should n't it be accusative?


"Orangen" is a plural feminine so its "the" article is die, even in the accusative.


What is the correct pronunciation for 'Orangen'? Does the 'g' make a j sound or a guh sound?


What is the correct pronunciation for 'Orangen'? Does the 'g' make a j sound or a guh sound?

It's the "zh" sound as in "vision" or "measure".

The word was borrowed from French, together with (an approximation of) its pronunciation.


It matches exactly


Is it just me or is the male voice harder to understand?

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