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  5. "tuqoptaH'a'?"


Translation:Are you arresting me?

October 27, 2019



The -taH aspect suffix on this example is not a good choice here, and it's close to flat-out wrong. I would argue (as always) that the aspect suffix is unnecessary, but if you're going to include one, the appropriate suffix would be -lI'. Arresting someone cannot reasonably be described as a continuous activity, even within the time frame of the incident. If anything, it's a process with a defined stopping point.


I would have chosen -lI' too, but as TKD says, "the suffix -taH can be used whether there is a known goal or not." I believe that paragraph in TKD 4.2.7 implies that in the Venn diagram of correct imperfective suffix use, the circle representing -lI falls entirely within the one representing -taH.

I'm sure there was a less nerdy way to express that, but tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'DI' vennISlu'.

17 hours later: I just noticed the correspondence between Venn diagrams and ven. Has there already been speculation that this the source? I feel targeted?


Agreed. tuqop'a' is better for Are you arresting me? In English we use the present progressive for real actions in the present and the simple present for permanent facts. Klingon doesn't work this way; the unmarked and continuous aspects can both be used for real actions in the present.

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