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"My drunk parrot is not the worst, Marcus!"

Translation:Psittacus ebrius meus non est pessimus, Marce!

October 27, 2019



No! How dare you say my drunk parrot is the worst! Yours is destroying villas and kills deceitful allies!!!!!!!


And hurling spears


Nothing but parrots in this lesson, so far.


I put: Psittacus ebrius meus pessimus non est, Marce This was marked incorrect - why?


It should be correct. I just wrote exactly that, and it was marked correct, so it seems to have been sorted now.


But he's pretty much up there.


Marcus: that'll taka a lot of convincin senex!

[deactivated user]

    Last round I tipe: Psittacus ebrius meus est non pessimus, Marce!

    I doesn't know why they didn't approved my answer, I only replaced EST and NON. Is this so big deal?


    I did the same and it marked it wrong. I would like to know the answer as well. I thought word order was so flexible?


    is you say "Non pessimus"... it is like "optimus"... that is "the best". Non pessimus est, in our case, means that the parrot is bad, ok, but it is not the worst.


    Does 'non' always come immediately before the verb?


    This Marcus/Marce thing is a joke.


    Screws me up everytime! Especially this sentence; usually the word endings are similar in Latin, like everything ends with 'um' or 'us' in any particular sentence. This sentense has three, 3 words that end with 'us', so of course it wont be 'Marce' this time, right? WRONG! grumble growl grumble :[


    Marce, is the "vocative" case, of nominative Marcus Not all cases have been studied. The vocative... ends in "e" for the second declination Marcus, nominative Marci, genitive Marco, dative Marcum, accusative Marce, vocative Marco, ablative

    You have similar vocative in slavian language: For instance.... Ivan, nominative Ivana, genitive ..... Ivane, vocative


    Why can't I place the verb at the end?


    Oh, I thought the drunk parrots were the worst animals!

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