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Whither next in Arabic?

When I felt I'd brushed up my Swedish on Duolingo, I went on to read novels — albeit slowly and with a dictionary — because I had enough background in Swedish to make this realistic. It worked and I've really gotten a lot out of it.

In Arabic, howver, my experience outside Duolingo is quite small — I did a year of a degree course many years ago, so I've forgotten most of the vocabulary, although I remembered the orthography like a boss, and more of the syntax than I expected.

I'd really like to move on to genuine Arabic texts, but novels and probably even newspapers are almost certainly beyond me at this stage. I suspect I should be looking at the Arabic equivalent of Dr Seuss, but I'd like to avoid translations.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't mind a challenge, but I do want something I have a hope of achieving!

Thanks, Spunto

October 27, 2019



There's a student version of Kalila wa Dimna if you want [https://archive.org/details/TalesFromKalilaWaDimna] and you can download it and listen to it at the same time. Idk it's a classical Arabic book and it's an ok level of difficulty [though I'm not sure how hard it would be for you].

Give it a try! Hope this helps :)


Thanks @Sassy — this is way over my head at the moment but it looks fascinating! It's a goal, certainly. In the meantime, you prompted me to have a look for free ebooks for children, and it turns out that Amazon has a quite a wide range of work by Kamal Keylany — it looks as though it ranges from quite elementary up to fairly sophisticated retellings of Arab and European fairy tales. I downloaded the shortest one I could fine, الملك النجار and I'm going to see how I get on.



Nice! :) Good luck then :D

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