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Is it possible to become fluent in Latin?

So Latin is "dead," so is it possible to get to a point of fluency, being able to speak and use it as well as I can use my other languages?

And also, is Latin worth learning in general? Or is it almost useless?

October 27, 2019



Can you become fluent - yes. Can you do that with just Duolingo - no way (you can't even do that with the longer courses).

Is Latin worth learning? In general if you are interested in European languages (including English) - yes.


English is Germanic, but some words come from Greek and Latin.


Thousands of phrases in daily use are Latin - I don't mean phrases that have been adapted into modern language from Latin, but are actually Latin words and phrases still used in their original Latin form. Etcetera, carpe diem, post meridian, ante meridian, de facto, ad hoc, bona fide are good examples.

Next, hundreds of mottos used in dozens of languages are Latin -- mottos of towns, cities, clubs, military orgnisations, charities and many more.

There is a huge amount of Latin literature. Sure, you can read most of it in translation, but then you're reading the words of the translator, which is never nearly as good as reading the original the way the author wrote it.

Yes, you could get to speak Latin fluently. Some people can. In some ways, you can express ideas and concepts in Latin better than in other languages, which is why Law, Medicine and Science tends to use Latin phrases in preference to other languages.

The only real question is whether you want to learn it. And only you can answer that.


Many people nowadays are fluent in Latin. It is definitely possible to be fluent in Latin. I can speak it but I wouldn't consider myself fluent yet. I don't study it at university, I read it rather fluent but I'm more interested in ancient culture and literature. I'm also learning ancient Greek but not modern Greek because it is more useful for me. It is probably less useful for most other people but I enjoy the languages.

Try these links to see Latin speakers. There are very few ancient Greek speakers though. At least a few 1000 people speak Latin fluently.





Many languages come from Latin. Learning Latin can improve vocabulary in romance languages, as well as some Germanic languages such as English. Good luck with all of your languages, and have a nice day and a lingot ;)


Latin for me is a root language as you can see if you look at the languages I'm learning. The language of Latin actually helps me almost be able to guess whatever words mean. It's more helpful than a language you're going to use.

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