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  5. "kekahi kalaka o koʻu hoa"

"kekahi kalaka o koʻu hoa"

Translation:the other truck of my friend

October 27, 2019



I'm very uncomfortable with "of my friend." My English requires "of my friend's" for some reason.


That's common in casual speech, but the of and 's together are redundant.


"some truck of my friend" is not accepted, although "the other truck of my friend" is. How can I tell when kehaki can only mean "other" and not "some"?


I put Another truck of my friend and it was accepted, but you're correct, no way to tell, at least from these lessons.


Using the tiles in this order, the answer: " [my] [friend] [ʻs] [other] [truck] " is marked as ʻYou have a typo.ʻ

Does that mean that I may use ʻMy friendʻs other truckʻ as a correct translation, or should I revert to ʻthe other truck of my friendʻ on future exercises?

Mahalo for feedback.


It accepted "my friendʻs other truck" when I typed it. (Mar 2020)


Why is friend an "o" noun (ko'u hoa)? Since a friend is acquired, why isn't it an "a" noun (ka'u hoa)? Is it just irregular?


So far I understand hoa is O class. Don't know if it's considered irregular, or if it is O class for more nuanced reasons.

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