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  5. "ka pahupaʻikiʻi a Kaleo"

"ka pahupaʻikiʻi a Kaleo"

Translation:the camera of Kaleo

October 27, 2019



Again, I would never say that English. I can imagine saying "the camera of Kaleo's" perhaps. This ties in with the fact that I would not say "the camera of he/him," but "the camera of his," not "the camera of me/I" but "the camera of mine."


This phrase needs to be translated. Isn't this course is for English speakers? "Kaleo's camera" IS correct. This "of his/her" grammar is not what English speakers would ever say.


What is the difference between "ka pahupa'iki'i a Kaleo" and "kā Kaleo pahupa'iki'i"? Are they interchangeable?

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