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"Corinna et Stephanus magistrum habent."

Translation:Corinna and Stephanus have a teacher.

October 27, 2019



I desperately wish that the creators of this course would please change the characters names to ones with only one spelling. Names like Maximus and Claudia would be preferable to Stephanus (Stefanus) and Corinna (Corina, Corrina) . I am counted wrong constantly, not because I don't understand Latin, but simply because my keyboard changes these and I don't catch it. I'm disabled and have to use voice input as much as possible. I realize that this is a personal problem and it would be unlikely that you could modify the course at this late date. I have almost completed the course anyway, but I'm sure it would be helpful for other learners, also.


Especially since they do like you suggest with the name of the gods....


"Corinna and Stephanus have THE teacher" was marked incorrect. I believe this is a mistake and reported.

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