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Hey Duolingo where are my students ?

I created a classroom and sent the link via Google classroom for students to join. I watched as all twenty of them did what I asked. Of the 20 students that clicked the link only five of them ended up in my Duolingo classroom. I double checked and sat by several students to see what they were doing wrong, and they did exactly as they were supposed to, yet they still don't show up.

Has this happened to anyone else? In one of my classes only two showed up out of 25. I tried the link and the classcode and nothing seems to work, I even had them go through their email and join that way and still nothing.

Where are my students Duolingo? Thanks!

October 27, 2019



This is a bug that is being worked on. Have your students log on normally, then click on the blue silhouette in the upper right corner. Have them click on "Settings," then "progress sharing," and then enter your classroom code. I had 100% success rate with my 130 students.


This worked like a charm. Thanks!


I am having this problem as well. I will try with the settings and see what happens. Both the code and the link have not worked for three of my students.


I'm sure I created a pupil last year and they seem to have disappeared over the summer.... is this linked?

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