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  5. "Omar is from Syria."

"Omar is from Syria."

Translation:عُمَر مِن سوريا.

October 27, 2019



Why syria is written as suurya?

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This is how it is written in Arabic: سوريا and it is pronounced súr-yá. Syrians themselves sometimes also write it as سورية and spell it as sú-riyya.


What's the last letter?


In Sanskrit, surya means "sun". Some other languages (e.g., Indonesian) also borrow this word with the meaning "sun".

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Yes, I encountered the name a lot as I stroll through some vedic astrology texts or video - and it kind of shatters my attention; I still don't understand why people who talk about vedic astrology (Indians and non-Indians alike) don't use the terms of the language they are using.

Anyway, the name of Syria (and its Arabic counterpart) comes from Greek, as the land was an Assyrian territory for some time. So, the Greek name meant actually Assyria (Greek has no š sound). For Arabs, the area generally was referred to as aš-šám الشام (in time the term came down to be used specifically for Damascus دمشق mainly by locals).

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